The "Martos project" Workshop

The duration of the workshop will be six weeks, from August 20 to September 30 2012.

The program of the workshop is structured as follows: Lectures, Fieldwork, Laboratories, Data processing, Field exercises, Discussions & Presentations, all focused on the workshop's case study. It will also include side activities such as cultural and nature visits to other areas of interest in Andalusia, like Sevilla, Granada or Sierra de Cazorla.

All the above activities will alternate, in accordance with the needs of the subject covered every week.

Week 1: Context, Concepts, General Methodology

Introductory week, including a short presentation of the area's history and an overview of concepts and general practices in conservation projects.

Week 2: Survey week

The main theme of the second week will be the survey, introducing instruments and methods and the documentation as a tool for conservation. By the end of the week a complete survey of the architectural elements must be produced, which will be the working base for the following weeks.

Week 3: Heritage Management & Dissemination / Diagnostics

During the first part of the week we will work on the sustainability, opening of our conservation project to the local community and working on the dissemination strategies. The second part of the week will be dedicated to diagnostics, that is, the analysis of single elements and the pathologies of stone masonry.

Week 4-5: Stone conservation fieldwork

Weeks four and five are fully dedicated to the hands-on conservation experience. At the same time the participants will be documenting all the steps of the conservation works. By the end of these weeks the intervention will be completed and the relative documentation report produced.

Week 6: Planning future activities and dissemination

The final week focuses on the regeneration project. That is, planning the regeneration of the urban area surrounding the fountain, aiming with this conservation project to incorporate the fountain in the contemporary urban life of the city again. The urban regeneration project will be carried out by local trainee masons in the near future.

Der Workshop wird mit zustimmung des Junta de Andalucía, unter der Schirmherrschaft von ICCROM und in Zusammenarbeit mit der University of York, der Universität Jaén, der Rat der Martos, die ADSUR, die IAPH und die IPCE organisiert.