The "Martos project" Workshop

The "Martos project" is an international workshop on Stone Conservation and Urban regeneration, for graduates and young heritage professionals. It will be held in August & September 2012 on the 16th century fountain of 'Fuente Nueva', at Martos, Andalusia, Spain. The fountain is a project of architect Francisco del Castillo, who had studied near the Italian Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola.

The main aim of this project is the comprehension of all the different tasks of a complete architectural conservation project, integrated with the planning of an urban regeneration of the surrounding area. The Martos project is structured on the basis of a complete project, giving the participants the opportunity to apply their theoretical skills in action.

Due to the limited dimensions of the fountain, all actions regarding the architectural elements, from planning to conservation treatment, can be completed by the end of the workshop, resulting in this manner in a small scale model of the normal procedures of a complete conservation plan.

The workshop is organized with the consent of the Junta de Andalucía, under the patronage of ICCROM and in collaboration with the University of York, the University of Jaén, the City of Martos Council, Department of Culture, ADSUR, the IAPH and the IPCE.