Diadrasis is a nonprofit organization based on the idea of progressing and developing Conservation Science through the meeting and interaction of different cultures and specializations.

Diadrasis, from the Greek word διάδρασις which means “interaction”, represents the main philosophy of the organization underlining the need for interdisciplinary research in Archeological & Architectural Conservation.

Diadrasis’s main aim is the study and development of the sciences of Conservation, Preservation, Restoration, Protection and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage (archaeological, architectural etc) through the interactive activities of different scientists.

Friends of the δowl – οι φίλοι της κουκουδάγιας” are the new group of friends and supporters of interaction for heritage and culture!

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Viaduct book now available”. Viaduct, a communication tool for scientific analysis in heritage. DIADRASIS research programme, eds. Lucía Gómez-Robles & Laura-Melpomeni Tapini, Athens: DIADRASIS, 2015 235 pages in color, 21cm. www.viaduct-diadrasis.net

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* * Diadrasis’ constitution registered in the companies’ registry of the court of first instance of Athens: 19755/2009